WHILST the Tories appears to have declared civil war, a small voice within me isn’t convinced that the events unfolding, are not in some ways being stage-managed?

I cannot put aside the truth of “NEVER TRUST A TORY!” What if this whole manufactured situation is the greatest political deception in British history?

Imagine at a final vote against a hard Brexit the right honourable expelled Tory members recrossed the floor to vote with their party? Am I reading too much into this? I just cannot fathom why self-serving Tory MPs have suddenly developed a conscience? My whole being is telling me that these actions go against the grain.

We are no longer dealing with political operators who think or act within in the historical confines of previous acceptable behaviour. No, we are now dealing with a group of Tories who will do whatever is needed, by guile, lies and dirty tricks, to get that No Deal through Westminster. I think the Tories will attempt to outmanoeuvre the other opposition parties.

Is it a case of “beware of Greeks bearing gifts”?

Sandy Allan
Newburgh, Ellon