KATHLEEN Nutt’s article, “PM threatens not to pay full £39bn divorce bill” (August 26) is frightening insofar as it exposes the PM’s off-the-wall strategy in relation to Brexit. I cannot understand why he continues to insult and antagonise EU politicians and would expect that by now he has no friends left in Europe. He is also trashing the idea that British business does not renege when it comes paying off debts.

I wonder if the PM has ever watched the TV programme Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! and reflected on the options open to the EU to recover the unpaid debt. Perhaps a hard border in Ireland, which will please his DUP supporters, and also freezing £39bn of UK assets in Europe.

It would appear that the PM believes that he has reached a trade deal – in a day – with the American President Donald Trump, one of whose trumpeted political “strengths” is tearing up deals on the slightest whim!

The PM was a failure as the Foreign Secretary and had to replaced but as PM he is a disaster, and will have to resign if the UK is going to survive as a trading nation.

Thomas L Inglis