IN 2014 The Guardian was implacably opposed to Scottish independence. Now, everything has changed. One of its leading columnists, Simon Jenkins, wrote: “If I were a Scot, I would vote for independence tomorrow. I would want nothing more to do with the shambles of today’s Westminster parliament.”

This is a seismic shift in mainstream media opinion towards the Scottish constitution.

The Guardian’s headline “Independence for Scotland is inevitable – we need a plan for it” sums it up. The turmoil that exists in Westminster has clearly demonstrated England’s wish to forge a new path of independence, free to choose its trading partners, reclaiming its sovereignty over the ECJ and in control of its borders seriously disturbs the middle left in the media.

The heightened hysteria from the tabloid Unionists is the realisation that an independent Scotland is no longer a fringe idea but has become normalised as an inevitability. Surely it is time for the leaders of the opposition parties in Scotland to embrace the future and work together for a prosperous independent Scotland.

Mike Herd