CAN someone PLEASE scotch this myth, so beloved of Unionists, that the SNP, independence supporters and Scots in general promised that the 2014 referendum would be once in a generation?

It was Alex Salmond who made the statement, as a comment on the position current AT THAT TIME, since no-one had ever had the opportunity of such a vote before. The only relationship to the future was and is that for a very large number of the electorate it was indeed not just once-in-a-generation, but once-in-a-lifetime, as they have since died. That includes a significant number of my own family, friends and colleagues. No such promises were made by anyone (other, of course, than the broken ones of those promoting the infamous Vow)!

Could the BBC in particular please point out this fallacy each time it crops up in interviews, to set the record straight in terms of accuracy and impartiality? I will not hold my breath, though.

P Davidson