THE previous MP for the Beacon and Radnorshire constituency, Chris Davies, was found guilty in Southwark Crown Court of fiddling his expenses. He was fined £700, ordered to pay £2,500 towards legal costs and given 50 hours of community service.

Some of his constituents were so upset by this behaviour that they raised a recall petition to have him removed as their MP. To achieve this aim required at least 10% of the electorate of their constituency to sign this petition. Almost twice that number signed: a clear indication that many were not happy with the behaviour of Chris Davies.

But, despite this outcry, the local Conservative party members decided to have Chris Davies, once again, stand as their candidate. He came a respectable second with 12,401 votes. Here we have a convicted liar being the choice of many to continue to represent them in the mother of parliaments where right honourable ladies and gentlemen sit.

Goodness, gracious me! What is the world coming to? Is this a general reflection on where our society is going? Or is it just another example of the behaviour of this awful Tory party?

George McKnight
West Calder