THE letter from David Crines in The National yesterday makes dangerous and all-embracing statements and presents them as facts.

A country declaring UDI is independent from that very second! To cement its freedom, it needs the support of at least one other “free” country.

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UDI refers to the emergence of “a new state”. Scotland is certainly not that! We do not need UDI.

Though I myself am not demanding that the SNP use UDI to get us free from this terrible state, as a last resort I totally support it.

Referring to failed UDIs is not useful without examples, so I’ll give you one: Keele’s UDI in the 80s. A student prank, some might say, but it attempted to tackle the right-wing forces of Thatcher’s Tories. A battle not dissimilar to the one we face today.

Of course it would be better to have a civilised agreement between England and Scotland and no-one can say that the SNP have pursued any other path, however the ability for the SNP to be able to do anything after the first of November is decreasing minute by minute, as the right-wing flood over Westminster is certain to shut Holyrood down. The “Declaration of the Re-Establishment of the State of Scotland” (DRE) is what will do the job.

Nicola Sturgeon or Ian Blackford can deliver this, but it is urgent.

Everyone points at Rhodesia as a “failed UDI” but Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is free, and reintegrated. That’s not FAILURE but we’ll not do it that way.

Let us follow Ireland’s inspirational declaration with this, borrowed from our celtic family:

We, the elected representatives of the ancient Scottish people in our national parliament assembled, do, in the name of the Scottish nation, ratify the establishment of the Scottish republic and pledge ourselves and our people to make this declaration effective by every means at our command.

Whereas the Scottish people is by right a free people, in which lies the sovereignty of the land.

And whereas for hundreds of years the Scottish people has never ceased to repudiate and has repeatedly protested, often in arms against foreign usurpation.

And whereas English rule in this country is, and always has been, based upon force and fraud and often maintained by military occupation against the declared will of the people.

It is our intention to constitute a national polity based upon the people’s will with equal right and equal opportunity for every citizen.

We solemnly declare foreign governance in Scotland to be an invasion of our national right which we will never tolerate, and we demand it cease forthwith on this declaration.

We claim for our national independence, the recognition and support of every free nation in the world, and we proclaim that independence to be a condition precedent to international peace hereafter.

Christopher Bruce

LIKE his predecessor, the new Prime Minister should stop his obsession about British Unionism and explain why he is at the same time delighted about the destruction of European unionism, backing a separatist Britain to the hilt.

I have still to hear a credible explanation why this Unionism is such a panacea when two-wage families have to attend food and clothing banks.

Mr Johnson would be better employed answering the United Nations’ criticism of Westminster about the widespread poverty throughout the UK than giving us all earache about Unionism.

Robert Gritton
Newmachar, Aberdeenshire