ON Monday night I listened to a BBC Newsnight interview of the Tory MP for Angus, Kirstene Hair, regarding her views on a no-deal Brexit scenario, and was astonished at this woman’s brazen disregard for her predominantly “Remain” constituents.

This was preceded by other outrageous attacks against Nicola Sturgeon and the position of the SNP with a blatant disregard for the reasons for their stance on any Brexit deal, and no mention of Scotland’s majority Remain vote in 2016.

Her comments were deliberate incitement and she knew exactly what she was doing! An SNP guest, Stephen Gethins MP, initially challenged Hair’s comments when prompted by the BBC’s Emily Maitlis but was cut short and moved to vigorously defend the SNP’s critical position regarding Brexit and why independence is an attractive option for Scotland.

You’ll gather my outrage regarding this sham of a presentation by the BBC. In my opinion this MP for Angus should be gone after the next General Election – a disgraceful, contemptuous act! Please view this interview and report on it accordingly or tell me I’m over-reacting!

Bernie Japs