I SEE that MPs are now trying to re-assess the workings of the Barnett Formula to attempt to provide more clarity on how this funding is spent.

Let’s be honest, this is about how the UK Government can rein in the spending of all the devolved administrations and pour even more money into England.

The straightforward solution is obviously independence for Scotland (and the other devolved administrations) but even if that is not currently possible there is another simple option.

All taxes – including corporation tax, duties from fuel, alcohol etc – absolutely every penny raised in each area is given direct to each devolved administration. Then the UK Government submits invoices for central services – such as the MOD, Foreign Office etc – then the devolved administrations pay their share for such services.

This would be far more transparent than any other method. It would, however, mean that the Treasury would have to allocate all taxes to the relevant area – no more pretending they don’t own a map in Whitehall and can’t work out where oil is extracted.

Of course, this method will never be used as the UK Government wouldn’t be able to hide where all the taxes were coming from and it would reveal that Scotland is subsidising the failing UK economy.

This doesn’t suit the narrative built up over decades (and longer) by British nationalist politicians. Maybe it’s time for the Scottish Government to get someone to work this out, and use that to highlight just how much of our money is being spent subsidising a failing UK?

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

VOTER apathy is something that has been targeted and campaigned for, so any mixed messaging about leader/party validity or items that try to push you away from a main campaign is probably someone trying to manipulate you and your friends.

Saw a post today: “You don’t have to be SNP to be Yes”. That is a direct voter apathy post, but I doubt the original poster sees it that way. This stuff is pervasive.

The truth is the SNP are the route to independence. They are a broad church that has something for everyone. Even Boris. Looking at his speech in Downing Street yesterday, he is implementing many of the SNP policies, delivered since 2007, across the rest of the UK.

So, looking at that post, the questions springing to my mind begin with: “If not the SNP then who?”

Do folk think that AUOB are the catalyst to independence? Or maybe Tommy? Or just blind hope?

Next up comes the question: who benefits by splitting SNP support? The answer is blatant.

We need to watch Netflix film The Great Hack and learn everything we can from it.

Folk need to think about the kind of country they want to live in.

Brian Kelly

I COULDN’T agree more with Fraser Grant’s comments regarding Jo Swinson in particular and the Liberal Democrats in general (Letters, July 26).

When I was a rookie campaigner for the SNP in the mid seventies – ironically in Jo Swinson’s East Dunbartonshire constituency – I still vividly recall the sheer mendacity of the then Liberal Party. There were no depths to which they wouldn’t stoop! They were worse than Labour and Tories put together (not that there were many Labour folk in Bearsden back then).

They appear to have no morals, and I’m still not sure what they stand for (apart from electoral reform – fair enough – and an unachievable federal UK).

Ian M Baillie

THERESA May was not getting away without yet another plea being made on behalf of the WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) women at her final PMQs. A plea that she may consider working from the back benches to bring dignity and respect to other WASPI women like herself. This plea is for women born in the 1950s who have been disproportionately disadvantaged by her government, to date denied any justice.

Catriona C Clark

TOM Jarvis’s article on “Ayrshire tatties” was most interesting but why the use of the word “potatoes” seven times throughout? Also there was no mention of the variety which I always understood was an “epicure.”

I feasted on Ayrshires as a laddie in the 1940s and don’t recall them ever being “oval”. They were in fact quite distinctively misshapen but delicious for all that! It was, however, at his suggestions of a suitable range of garnishes that hackles were raised! Michty me, “mint” and “mayonnaise”, whit’s auld Scotia comin tae wi sic sacrilege?

Oatmeal, laddie, oatmeal, as ony Scot wid steer ye. Guid Scots oatmeal is whit gangs wi a noble “Ayrshire tattie”.

James Cameron Stuart