THE bombastic, hate-filled invective released by Donald Trump against four members of Congress has no parallel in US history. In vilifying those of a different ethnic origin and demanding those who criticise his policies “go home”, Trump is openly and transparently endorsing fascism.

The most chilling aspect of his denouncements was when he said Ilhan Omar was a supporter of al Qaeda. This is an incitement to violence against his political opponents. Trump’s threats have a clear purpose. He is appealing to backward nativism and is seeking to establish a fascist movement that will outlive him.

In Trump’s dystopian America those who oppose endless war, corporate looting and lies should be subject to arrest, physical violence and deportation. Trump is the product of the protracted crisis of capitalism and the decline of the US empire. His rants are a sign of weakness, not strength.

Trump’s biggest enablers, however, have been the Democratic Party. At every turn they have meekly accepted everything Trump has thrown at them.

Trump is a fraudster and a “reality TV star”. He speaks only for a criminal element on Wall Street who seek to have all financial regulations overturned.

Alan Hinnrichs