IF recent events are an indication of how the UK/rUK will conduct negotiations and go about diplomatic envoys then the mighty, the once mightily mighty, have fallen. They have gone from being a great power to, in my estimation, a second-level or possibly upper-third-level ranking.

The Donald now runs the show for post-Brexit negotiations, and so scared of a no-deal or a bad deal (a relative term) are the establishment that they will do all that is possible with their remaining influence to placate their last hope of keeping control here on the archipelago.

From our vantage point here in Scotland it is quite refreshing to see the bluffers of Eton being systematically cut to size both by the EU and the US, because it should give us renewed hope in the soon-to-be-announced independence campaign. They have less to bargain with than they did last week, such is the speed of the collapse in confidence and trust in the upper echelons of this archaic system.

For us of a certain age we will remember that right up until the point of collapse the USSR seemed impregnable, and this is what we are witnessing with the runt of empire controlled by the Westmonster – they are bluster and no substance. Unfortunately we have more years of thought control to fight through than did the good people of the Soviet Republics, 312 years to be precise, but we are getting there with that.

As this farce of a UK Government continues to outdo the previous day’s bloopers to the extent that even the mainstream media in Scotland can’t ignore it, more and more voters in our country are realising just how much of a con job the Union has been.

Those in the establishment are most definitely in full “headless chicken” mode. Because of their upbringing they cannot begin to problem-solve what is in front of them. Their inbred imperial thought process has no manoeuvrability to begin the simple route to understanding that they have been caught out. Yes, that is correct: the peoples of the archipelago no longer think that the sun only shines by order of the Etonians (but never sets) and certainly no longer believe those aforementioned Etonians have the best interests of the plebs at heart.

Not one positive reason has been offered up by any supporter of this “disunion”. Not one to convince the electorate for continuance in its sham. As it was in the last campaign, it has been non-stop project fear – or to give it its more accurate title, project lie, project “let’s tell absolutely howling fibs backed up by our cabal press, for the plebs have not the education to see through it”.

Unfortunately for the establishment they have greatly overestimated one area and quite remarkably underestimated in another. They have fallen hook, line and sinker for the hyperbolic circus that is Ruth Davidson; they seem to believe absolutely every puffed-up statement that comes from the pretend colonel and her branch office. They have also come late, far too late to the realisation that social media allows the plebs unfettered access to news sites not in the control of the establishment.

We have much to do yet on our road to independence, but it is not an unachievable goal. The establishment will continue to fire off at the SNP whilst paying scant attention to the Yes movement, and that will be the Etonians downfall. Not long now and we will be celebrating our own Independence Day.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0

I FEEL your criticisms of the UK Government in yesterday’s National are somewhat over the top in respect of the diplomatic uproar in Washington. They gave strong support to the ambassador; it should if course have been even stronger.

Accusing the government of forcing him out is of course nonsense. Sir Kim, a very senior and experienced diplomat, will have known from day one that his position in Washington was untenable and that he would have to go.

What I say is that his resignation should not have been accepted but that he should have been immediately redeployed in some other very senior position. This redeployment would have made very clear to the Americans the full support of the government for the Ambassador.

R Mill Irving
Gifford, East Lothian

THERE must be some rely talented, green-fingered gardeners in Westminster! And loads of free-draining fertile areas of ground to cultivate and spread the plentiful bullshit that is produced there on a daily basis, to nurture such fast growing strong leeks?

The leader of the free world’s reaction is not surprising or unexpected to those that have to communicate with him on a daily basis. What is surprising is the UK’s movements and non-action.

The UK is operating nuclear submarines with USA manufactured and controlled intercontinental ballistic missiles systems.

The UK is using USA satellites, and also awaiting delivery of fighter aircraft for two new aircraft carriers, and a squadron of anti-sub hunters ... all manufactured in USA, with US control and navigation systems. And the USA’s leader tweets his displeasure at every opportunity, and throws his toys oot the pram at the UK’s feet?

I have to question how the UK as a nation can trust him, and ask you all if you feel confident for the UK to be doing business with him?

At a throw of a few switches, this unpredictable dictator could render all this very expensive new UK military kit inoperable, and we could do nothing about it. Maybe a tweet from UK Government to cancel this hardware might bring some clarity to the situation?

Ian Thomson
Gordon, Berwickshire

QUITE an exceptional letter from Andy Anderson in Wednesday’s paper. Andy exemplifies how the Unionist politicians, particularly the Tories, are operating undemocratically, and without a mandate, at Westminster. Britain really has become a quasi-fascist state.

Solomon Steinbett