THE almost-gone Mrs May has given her full “support” to the British Ambassador to the United States. The definition of support is apposite. Since Westminster sets great store on semantics, the word includes in its meaning “to give approval to” a cause or a principle.

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The outburst by the ambassador, albeit illegally leaked by his staff, is a diplomatic disaster, to which our PM is a party. This method of ingratiating Britain with the major trading nation in the world, with whom future trade deals and continued many-faceted co-operation is needed, defies common sense, a condition familiar to Westminster.

David Cameron’s lack of political judgment has in no small way contributed to Britain’s current dilemmas. Is there a shred of evidence that his follower has achieved in her time at No 10 any lasting or major success for hers?

Domestically and internationally Britain has reached its unwelcome nadir, for which the constituents of the UK will be obliged to pay. A radical change to the Westminster system is long, long overdue.

J Hamilton