REGULAR readers will know that an important part of the Yes DIY pages is feedback from groups, and while great credit must go to All Under One Banner for the success of the march and rally in Ayr on Saturday, the whole weekend was made a joy by the work of Ayr Fir Independence.

Here’s their report: “It was absolutely heart warming for Ayr For Independence to see months of work accumulate into an amazing weekend.

“We are surrounded by Tories in Ayr, who hold both MP and MSP seats, so we’re sure it must have been a bit of a shock to have seen the thousands of independence supporters descend on our town.

“After all, they live in a wee bubble where they genuinely don’t believe there is an appetite for a second referendum.

“Our weekend started on Friday night with a launch of the first ever Songs For Independence songbook – which included some old and new songs and some variations. What a turnout – way past our expectation with a packed out room and an impromptu visit from the Saor Alba Pipes & Drums. This was just one of many events that were happening across the town on Friday evening .

“We woke on Saturday to sunshine and clear blue skies. As early as 10am we were out on the streets helping and guiding visitors to our town to go where they needed to be.

“We had produced a map which showed the town centre and detailed the events that were on over the whole weekend. People very much appeared to appreciate our effort.

“We have to thank Scottish Independence Foundation for their support which allowed us to produce the materials to advertise this fantastic weekend. By 12:45 the air was electric with a sea of blue and white for as far as the eye could see. Despite a last-minute change to the route due to safety reasons, we proudly walked our streets with fellow visiting independence supporters.

“There was something different for us this time, compared to other marches – this was our home and we felt like the hosts and were keen for people to enjoy their time with us.

“The crowds stayed around post march for a packed programme of artists, some local, and speakers compered by Corri Wilson, ex SNP MP and co-ordinator for the local independence campaign.

“On Sunday we continued with our programme of events which included a historical walk around Ayr, taking in St John’s Tower where in 1315 King Robert the Bruce convened a parliament or assembly in the church to decide the succession to the Scottish throne.”

Corri Wilson said: “We have been overwhelmed by the response to this weekend, it has totally been worth the months and months of planning that went into it.”