I WAS so enjoying Michael Fry’s article (Scotland could be one of the keys to a new global economic order, July 9) feeling that “chest-out” pride of a Scotland finally going somewhere and contributing to the world and being respected for it.

Until, and I feel totally numbed by his comment, he says” we have a government (presumably meaning the Scottish Government) indifferent and hostile to capitalism – more intent on making us politically correct than globally correct”.

Where on earth does he get that from? As Scotland, we have put up with being totally ignored by Westminster with our hard-won devolved parliament still under threat from a Prime Minister, doesn’t matter which one, who only cares about taking us off a cliff.

Westminster and the dreadful machinations of the Tory leadership and Brexit has made the entire UK a total laughing stock in the eyes of others who matter to us.

I think, Mr Fry, you owe us some kind of elucidation and explanation.

Alex Thomson