AT last somebody other than myself has picked up on what Jeremy Hunt has been saying and what it effectively means for the people of Scotland. I of course refer to George Kerevan’s article in the National (Hunt declared war on our sovereignty ... here are ways we could respond, July 8).

Jeremy Hunt implies that he believes in democracy, however his stance on the Union makes him to be more of a dictator in the vein of Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini than a democrat. His rival for the Prime Minister’s job is no better by the way, as he is also dead against us having a referendum for independence – as is Ruth Davidson, but she isn’t standing to be the next Prime Minister, and obviously we can dismiss Theresa May as she is stepping down from the position.

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Those who believe in democracy must question the rhetoric behind their “no to an independence referendum under any circumstance” stance. The minority Scottish Government was elected on that issue – to hold an independence referendum – and that motion was passed in the Scottish Parliament of which Ruth Davidson is an elected member.

Does it escape Ruth Davidson, Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson et al that for a minority government to pass a motion, they require the votes of others to pass it by a majority? Hopefully Ruth Davidson does as she is part of the parliament! If these people don’t believe in democracy then why are they in politics in the first place, let alone sitting in democratic parliaments?

As both Hunt and Johnson have said that they won’t under any circumstance allow Scotland to hold an independence referendum if they become leader, then we have very few options open to us as a nation. However, what often happens when the people decide that they want something and they have a dictator as a leader and others willing to follow them, is that troops, tanks and bullets are sent in to try and stop the people. All we have to do is ask Alexander Dubcek or look at what happened at Tiananmen Square or Glasgow when Churchill sent in the troops. Is this what we have to expect at the next AUOB march and rally? After all, the only way you can stop a nation is to use an army against them.

One of the few options we have is to take the Westminster government to court if the Prime Minister of the day refuses to issue a Section 30 order, and fight the issue through the legal route, which I would assume is the last thing they want as this will only add to those wanting an independent Scotland and I would say that the sooner we do this the better. This present Westminster government is way past its use-by date and if it weren’t for the fixed-term parliament they would have disappeared long ago. To some extents there is still an option to get rid of this parliament and have a General Election.

These people are refusing to listen and they are refusing to accept that the people of Scotland want something different from them and the English electorate. When leaders refuse to listen to moderation and refuse to accept they have moved away from the centre ground, they lose the respect of the people and the nation they represent. There is absolutely no respect in Scotland for either candidate as future prime minister of the United Kingdom, and the sooner they realise that the better it will be for the whole of the UK.

Alexander Potts

THERE does seem to be an awful lot of “news” about the Johnson and the Hunt leadership battle in the mainstream media, and even in The National. Reportedly endless U-turns and auction-like bidding are ongoing, ostensibly for the ageing hearts and minds of the Tory/Ukip/Brexit membership. Outside of this very limited membership, the apparent choice appears to be really quite simple yet quite stark.

The choice is whether they wish to be led by an exponent of laissez-faire dishonesty where validity extends possibly up to several days, and/or an exponent of carefully crafted dishonesty where validity may extend up to several weeks.

The winner (Tory UK PM) of course gets to renege on all promises made, and the loser gets to be supportive in a prestigious post. The real losers of course are the 97% of voters across the UK, and in particular the very “precious” but “verminous” people of Scotland, who do not get to pick this Tory/Ukip/Brexit Golum to be UK prime minister.

What helps underpin this simplistic and thoroughly dishonest leadership contest appears to be an understanding that the alternating main UK Government parties will both continue to seek central control of the UK.

The narrative required, however, is to move national governance into the 21st century, shifting the dominance of central control, ceding some control to external collegiate nations within the global order, yet also devolving control to previously subsumed nations/peoples, and locally beyond.

It’s time for all those who care about the people who occupy these European islands to get real, and take control of the agenda, if the narrative is to be at all changed, and removed from the hands of the narrow-minded few. The people of Scotland can push the indyref2 button and be part of the EU, the people of NI can push the reunification button and be part of the EU, the people of Wales also can push for greater devolution/independence and be part of the EU. But what of the other 85% of the UK?

Perhaps it’s time for the Scottish Government to develop much stronger links with the northern provinces of England, especially where contrasting public/private bodies straddle the border areas. Yes2 will require at least the northern border areas of England to be working much closer with the Scottish national government, and Scottish local government generally. After all, it’s only by freely working closely together that better understandings are developed, and progress for the many will be made.

Stephen Tingle
Greater Glasgow