AFTER reading and hearing the many warnings of doom being published from the council authorities in Ayr over the last week, that AUOB organisers could be reported to the fiscal fur no having insurance fur us awe gathering and enjoying ooorsells in a public grass park, I personally think they should be reported.

Tell the fiscal and all its merry men how well the event was organised, how much fun it was in Ayr on Saturday, and about how much extra trade it brought to Ayr cafes, pubs and restaurants that day.

We travelled over from Berwickshire in the Borders to Ayr by car, where we had fun and met people from all over the UK and beyond, spending money and time in Ayr on a lovely sunny day! No problems with parking, toilets, recycling bins or finding out what was going on or where we need to be!

I think these facts should be reported to the fiscal and any authoritative departments that the AUOB marches are going to in the future, and also how good and helpful Police Scotland are with their citizens.

Ian Thomson
Gordon, Berwickshire