NICE to see Councillor Doig (Letters, July 4) giving a leg up to one of the few arguments the desperate Unionists will be employing against us. Or the “you’ll not get your Maltesers if you become independent from Britain” argument as I prefer to describe it.

The SNP of course does not have “uncritical support for the EU” but understands fully that leaving the EU and going god only knows where is not a vaguely sensible proposition.

I fully understand that for Scotland there is no immediate escape from the disastrous consequence of the startling incompetence of the UK governing elite. Stopping Brexit of course is really the only sensible option. Cllr Doig’s proposition that we should support Brexit and thus inevitably tie ourselves even more tightly to the UK makes no sense whatsoever.

Can he explain why a hard border between Scotland and supposedly its biggest trading partner England is a bad thing and a hard border between the UK and assuredly its biggest trading partner, the 27 other nations of the EU, is a good thing?

David McEwan Hill
Sandbank, Argyll