THE Tory beauty horror contest finalists are now competing with each other to commit to spending billions of pounds of our money that they have suddenly found as vote-for-me bribes to get Tory members’ votes.

Well I would like to know where those billions were hiding before Boris and Tory Jeremy found them.

Which budgets will have to be cut to fund their promises, especially as I believe the Chancellor has said a hard Brexit means the money won’t be there. Who is paying for their respective teams of advisors? Have they been promised anything we don’t know about if their candidate wins?

I think we need the answers before the next PM is chosen and definitely before the next Budget.

And while we are at it, who is funding Nigel’s party and likewise how is he going to fund his election promises? We need to know this.

And the two LibDem leadership contenders have committed on Channel 4 News to being willing to use nuclear weapons.

David Ritchie
North Ayrshire