BORIS Johnson has managed to bust two of his own myths when claiming that our First Minister would be “bonkers” and “deranged” if an independent Scotland would result in a hard border with England (More than half of Scots want inderef2 soon, July 1). I thought he said that there was some secret technology available that would allow smooth border crossings, since that was going to be the solution to the Irish border?

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Also, I thought it was going to be difficult or impossible for Scotland to join the EU once we are independent? But that would mean there would be no reason for a hard border at all, as we could have a free trade deal with England. Oops. I think the Tories may want to have a chat with the BBC and make sure they cut everything Boris says, because he’s busting all their carefully crafted myths!

The border is indeed an issue that needs very careful thought. It will certainly be something the Unionists will use to beat us over the head with. However, in all this we should not forget that an independent Scotland in the EU would have open borders with 27 other European countries.

Maarten de Vries