SO Nigel Farage is demanding that his Brexit Party be represented in any future talks on leaving Europe?

It will be very interesting to see whether he gets his way on this issue since Scotland has been repeatedly ignored or sidelined on any discussion of import for thee years!

I wonder how the No voters to indyref 2 would react if his demands are met – or are they too apathetic to care much?

Our hopes and good wishes follow Ian Blackford and Mhairi Black on their tour of Scotland to raise awareness and public debate. It’s a wonderful follow-up from the successful EU elections!

Janet Cunningham

IF the new referendum really is more than a year away – which I don’t believe to be the case – then it is far too early for the SNP to be “on an election footing”. One of the lessons of the 2014 campaign is that the next one should be short and crushingly powerful.

Peter A Bell