THE Yes movement now has its own pipe band, the excellent Saor Alba who have been such a hit at three marches and rallies for independence this year.

Now one Yes activist is about to release the song she hopes could become the anthem of the movement.

Fiona Ferris will launch The Bluebells Still Will Sweetly Bloom at the All Under One Banner march and rally for independence in her home town of Oban next weekend.

Back in the 90s her late father, the professional musician Colin Campbell who died in 2015, wrote music for a possible new national anthem for Scotland in response to a newspaper competition. Campbell had his own traditional music band in the 1960s and 70s, who were very popular on Scottish television and radio, as well as touring extensively in Canada.

Ferris explained: “He decided not to enter the piece and never recorded it or played it in public.

“This was in the days when if you’re old enough you’ll remember at Scotland v England events we had to endure God Save The Queen twice.

“A local woman, the late Jean MacDonald, wrote lyrics to the music but both words and sheet music lay in a piano stool for decades till I decided earlier this year to try to breathe life into it.

“Our political situation is such that we must use everything we’ve got. I realised immediately that the lyrics were far too dated so I rewrote them while keeping the title out of respect.”

Colin Campbell wrote various pieces of music that survive from his career and Ferris hopes that eventually they will all be bound together and available for purchase.

Last month she organised the first recording of Bluebells and managed to persuade several musicians to spend four hours in a recording studio, with her husband Tam providing the lead vocals.

The result of their efforts will be played in public for the first time at Mossfield Stadium in Oban where next Saturday’s march will conclude with a rally featuring entertainment and speakers.

Ferris said: “I managed to find excellent musicians from around the country willing to give their skill and time for the cause. The piper who helped was the lone piper at the military tattoo in 2017 so that gives you an idea of the level of commitment.

“We recorded the song last month, audio and video, and will be releasing it for free at the AUOB rally in Oban on June 15.

“You might remember there was a featured letter in The National back in about February saying the Yes movement needed a song. And now there is one if people like it.”

We’ll have the song on The National website after its release, and no doubt the Yes movement will give its judgement on Bluebells.