I ALWAYS read letters from Julia Pannell with interest because they are thoughtful and logical, but I am afraid I must respond to her latest submission (Letters, May 29) as the narrative she seeks to establish must not be allowed to go unchallenged.

This argument is gaining traction as it seeks to become the dominant narrative, but is in reality a classic case of attempting to rationalise the irrational and honour the dishonourable. It is also highly ideological and therefore quite dogmatic.

It is beyond debate that the EU result was a fraud perpetrated by a catalogue of lies and deception, but this misleading narrative insists that I must honour it. This week we read that Boris the Spider is to appear in court for possible misconduct in public office by lying and misleading the public to secure a result that Ms Pannell still insists that I should honour.

As any sensible person with a sense of justice will reply: that will be chocolate.

It also escapes Ms Pannell that another of the assurances we got from the Westminster pigsty was that the EU referendum was consultative and not binding, but has now morphed into a “thus saith the lord” that we are all duty-bound to respect on pain of eternal damnation because it went the way that the Pannells of the world wanted it to.

Leave voters always take umbrage at the suggestion that they did not know what they were voting for, but the simple fact remains that they didn’t, regardless of how offended they become at that fact.

“Leave means Leave” will surely enter the annals of history as the most meaningless phrase ever invented. That is demonstrable because no-one – not May, Corbyn, Boris or Nigel et al – can still explain it after three years. All that anyone can be sure of is that it will bring chaos and disaster as all of the assurances and predictions we were given prior to the referendum have evaporated and the leading Leavers have all been reduced to the position of saying “you really didn’t believe that did you?”

Thus, the Leave position was not only mendacious, it was all propaganda. Yet I am still required to honour this dangerous and deceitful nonsense.

Now, if that were not bad enough, Ms Pannell has given her vote, and therefore her support, to some of the most odious and disreputable people on the planet, who are also, paradoxically, the very elite that they themselves rail against.

How anyone can vote for Nigel Farage, Ann Widdicombe, Rees-Mogg’s sister, to name just a few, genuinely escapes me. Does she really think that such people will give Scotland a second’s thought or seek to honour our wishes should they ever take office, that they really identify with ordinary working people, or have any concept of democracy?

These people are the epitome of English nationalism, of the dominant establishment and the standard bearers of free-market fundamentalism.

These are the people who will sell the NHS and privatise everything that moves, who fantasise about the no-deal that Ms Pannell assures us she does not want.

These people ARE the Westminster elite. Not only is their argument a lie, but they are a lie.

Anyone who follows events must surely be aware that Farage and Aaron Banks are being investigated, that Farage is a disciple of Steve Bannon and is following the Trump playbook, and that a Farage-led government would turn us into the 51st state of the USA.

No, Ms Pannell, I think I will stick with the devils I know.

Peter Kerr