SO it has finally come to pass. Theresa May has announced her departure under tragi-comic, farcical circumstances. The 1922 Committee Chairman arrives with a “sealed envelope” to be opened if Theresa May did not announce timetable for her departure. The political ex-communication was in the offing.

As the Tories north and south of the Tweed reel yet again, birling to try and unite the un-unitable, namely their English base and the branch, the turmoil will continue.

The fault line of Brexit England is wide open, revealing an internal anger to the outside world as its ghosts from the past and its misconceptions of greatness erupt.

The Tory party, that self-proclaimed behemoth of faux Britishness, has really stabbed itself in the back in a political frenzy. The other gang of the duopoly are just as riven and rudderless.

It has been a “lang time coming”, from a perspective north of the Tweed, but it has arrived. The “branches” are starting to panic as their raison d’etre is ebbing out.

John Edgar