AT the time of writing the PM is still Mrs May, for better or worse. But the odds on her departure are changing by the minute. Heir apparent and future King of Kings, the supreme performer Boris, is looking hot favourite for the job. Oh dearie dear.

We are all familiar with Boris’s faithful bag carrier, the Right Honourable Mr Ross Thomson MP (contradiction in terms there) who is faithful to his master BJ.

All new Prime Ministers appoint their own Cabinet. Fluffy Mundell must be in incredible pain after sitting on the various fences for years – so it’s odds on that he is emptied out.

Nightmare scenario – Ross Thomson appointed by Boris into the SoS Scotland post as an act of vengeance to really screw up Scotland?

Heavens forbid. Our real nightmare could be just around a very close corner.

Sad, but a realistic option.

Dougie Gray