I FIND myself wondering what it is about my fellow nationalists who seem to enjoy belittling our elected representatives, by making remarks about them “not attending the marches” with the implication that they somehow think it is beneath them to be associated with the masses of independence supporters on the streets of Scottish towns and cities?

Here is a snapshot, as evidence (if evidence is actually required) of Keith Brown in High Street, Glasgow, a couple of weeks ago. I also took one of Tommy Sheppard. Neither of these guys appeared to me to be trying to draw attention to their presence, and since I have taken many crowd pictures, but am definitely not up-to-date with who is who in the SNP, I’d bet there are many many more “personalities” whom I do not recognise.

What is wrong with our people? Independence is within our reach and we start fighting amongst ourselves?

Get a grip!

Harry Bickerstaff
St Cyrus