IN Kevin McKenna’s article I see yet another attack on SNP politicians which claims we don’t support the Yes marches.This is getting pretty wearing (A step change is needed from the politicians in way they see marchers, May 15).

I “hobbled for indy” on my gammy leg two weeks ago in Glasgow, where the SNP deputy leader Keith Brown addressed the huge crowd. We both spoke, along with others, at the Edinburgh March, and sitting on the grass at Glasgow Green I heard both Joanna Cherry and Tommy Sheppard speak at last year’s Glasgow March.

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Many of us attend the marches, and it is fantastic to just be part of such a joyous crowd of people who want to see Scotland in charge of its own future. However, we only make speeches if asked to do so which means that, unless you plan to review hours of video footage, you are unlikely to know how many of us were there. I thought the whole point was that these are Yes marches, representing all indy groups, not just the SNP, and I suspect there would just as much moaning if they were dominated by SNP politicians!

Philippa Whitford
SNP Member for Central Ayrshire