THERE is an irony that Nigel Farage now views the BBC as biased against himself and Brexit in general. Consider how often he is invited to appear on programmes to give uninterrupted rants, as opposed to the meagre airtime given to SNP/independence topics.

Even when Scotland is grudgingly given airspace it is done in an offhand, dismissive and thoughtless manner. Take for example last Sunday’s BBC programme The Week in Parliament, which included a brief piece on the 20th anniversary of devolution.

The information about the Welsh Assembly and Stormont was given by a presenter on site. The information about the Scottish Parliament was delivered by a correspondent in front of the Palace of Westminster. I genuinely do not know whether this was a mistake or a deliberate insult.

Janet Baker

THE spectre of fascism is no longer hidden; it is in the open and it is using the mainstream media with great skill in England.

Don’t blame Nigel F****e for the emergence of a party that is filling a void left by incompetents. The real villainy is the greed of the few who own the most and the millionaire ministers. There is an unbridgeable gulf between the rich and the poor that even leaves working people dependent on food banks.

Anger, resentment and impotence is fertile ground for fascism created by a Tory ideological austerity campaign designed to subjugate the working classes. The disenfranchised millions don’t care how racist a political party is, they just want change from this stifling duo-politcal system of rule. Initially they voted for Corbyn hoping he would stick to his socialist guns, an impossible task while trying to keep his party together. They voted for change with Blair and quickly found a mirror image of the Tories.

Now they don’t care – anything different is better than more of the same. The European elections are just the beginning. How about Prime Minister F****e? Trump did it in America after all. We are becoming the 51st state of America where poverty is a crime. In Scotland we have a different choice that they don’t have in England. Let’s take it.

Mike Herd

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Ruth Wishart’s expose of Nigel Farage (There’s no disguising how much Farage is like Trump, May 14). I wonder if he has ever considered the cumulative effect of his constant tirade against all things European, eg an anti-British backlash!

Perhaps this is not the time to be conducting such a campaign, particularly when the finals of the two top European football tournaments are all-England affairs – many congratulations to the English clubs involved.

I would suggest that one of the achievements of Nigel Farage and his fellow Brexiteers could be British football clubs being excluded from European competitions. It would not have the same catastrophic effect in Scotland, as sadly we are normally in and out by Christmas!

How many football fans have ever considered the possibility?

Thomas L Inglis

REMAINING in the UK while leaving Europe can only enhance Scotland’s vulnerability. To say we are in a democracy is just a joke. Our views are constantly ignored.The inequality that exists in Britain is there for everyone to see. The rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer.

Remaining in Britain under the present regime can only make things worse. Holyrood does its best to address the injustice that Westminster creates, but tinkering around the edges isn’t enough. We are determined to be heard and create a fairer society.

Other parts of the UK, eg north England, are struggling to fight back, but Scotland has the solution at its fingertips. Indyref 2 is gaining support. An independent Scotland is on the horizon!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus

HOPEFULLY Scots will treat the forthcoming EU election as the opportunity to endorse the pro-EU vote of the 2016 referendum by lending their vote to pro-EU parties, which in Scotland may be read as SNP, LibDems and Greens. Any vote for Labour or Conservative will be seen as a vote for no-deal Brexit.

C Walker

I AM tired of listening to the media obsessing about government failure to deliver Brexit, as though the entire nation had voted for that. What about the almost equal number who voted to Remain? Do they suddenly cease to exist? I suspect their voice will be heard on May 23.

Malcolm Parkin

GAVIN Williamson doth protest too much, methinks, or is attack the best form of defence (Commons vote on Labour-Tory Brexit deal would be ‘betrayal’, May 13)? However, Williamson (or God’s gift to the Tory party as he likes to think of himself) is not doing himself, his party or the UK any favours with his attacks on Theresa May. The “Leavers” may love it but what does the rest of the world think of us? Surely Scotland doesn’t want to be part of this ego-centric Westminster.

Mike Underwood

ON Monday’s paper you have an article titled “Pupil-teacher ratios higher in Scotland than England or Wales, figures show” (May 13). The same assertion is made in the first paragraph, with figures in the second paragraph. From those figures, it is clear that what you mean is that TEACHER-PUPIL ratios are higher. That’s a rather important difference.

S Fisk
East Ayrshire