HUGE thanks to Independence Live for their excellent live online coverage of the AUOB march in Glasgow on Saturday. As someone who isn’t able to participate in marches these days due to health problems, I really appreciate the sterling work being done by the live streaming service in helping to include indy supporters in my circumstances in such a wonderfully energising and uplifting event.

A special shout-out to the guy on Camera 1 who was covering the front of the march – all your backwards walking was well worth it! And to the guy from Peterhead on Camera 2 who was interviewing marchers as the march progressed – cheers to you too! But ALL of those involved in Saturday’s live streaming helped me feel as if I was really there and enabled me to feel connected to the wider movement. So cheers!

And, finally, to readers who don’t already do so, please consider making a donation to Independence Live. They really do help make our movement more inclusive than it would otherwise be (as does The National too, of course!) and deserve our gratitude and support.

Mo Maclean