AFTER reading Andrew Tickell’s excellent article on “Ruth Davidson Speak” in Sunday’s edition (Embarrassing U-turns and broken vows ... Davidson’s broken record, May 5) I was drawn to the piece in Monday’s issue featuring “David Mundell Speak” (Mundell under fire for ‘SNP myth’ EU claim, May 6).

What a similarity the Tories have to Mr D Trump and several other right wing truth-manglers. They’re surely trying to turn George Orwell into Nostradamus!

The combination of aggression plus the “windscreen wiper” syndrome when making public utterances, is bringing 1984 (or 1930s Germany) ever closer.

Never mind “Wake up Scotland...”,Wake up WORLD!! Beware the Dark Side!!

Barry Stewart

ANDREW Tickell has Ruth Davidson down to a tee. For me, the most powerful piece of truth is “in the absence of a policy, there’s the gag. In the gap where a reasoned argument should be, there’s a photoshoot. But beyond that?”

Ms Davidson has capitalised on her ability to put on an aggressive face, point her finger, and say any populist thing that comes to her mind simply to catch the attention of the media and anyone else with a one-minute attention span.

As Andrew eloquently says, she has no ability to recognise that what she says today, totally contradicts what she said yesterday.

Dennis White

HOW can anyone take “Fluffy” seriously any more?

It’s independence supporters number one line that the Unionists told us “if we had voted No in 2014 we would REMAIN in the EU”.

Our FM has driven this message to us all in many, many speeches yet Fluffy denies that it was ever said.

If you are voted in as an MP to represent your constituents on “Vows” (sic), you should be voted out or at least made to apologise publicly for the lies you spout.

I await Mundell’s grovelling apology to us all who voted Yes five years ago, and especially BBC Scotland’s Political Editor Brian Taylor!!

Iain McEwan

WE have had a fair bit of coverage of Ruth Davidson’s speech at her spring conference. She has stated she seeks to become the next First Minister after the 2021election, and that the choice we have for those elections would be, another SNP government lead by Nicola Sturgeon “banging on about independence” or a Tory government lead by her offering a brighter future.

OK, but has she forgotten or chosen not to acknowledge the announcement made just last week, that the SNP are seeking to make Scotland independent by the next Scottish elections? Is Ruth Davidson now acknowledging she wants to be the first First Minister of an independent Scotland? If so, this is a large shift in Tory policy and at odds with London. I understand she seeks to create a Scottish Tory party, but this seems a big, bold step.

After independence all Unionists parties would need to reinvent themselves as Scottish parties, interested in the greater good of our new independent nation.

As to the “policy announcements” she mentioned, haven’t we heard these somewhere before? If she will stand by what she said, then she is looking to create a similar vision of an independent Scotland to that which has been set out by the SNP.

Paul Gilchrist

AS a participant in the Glasgow AUOB independence march in Glasgow on Saturday, I cannot but express my admiration for the dedicated folk who made the march possible and managed it so well as truly joyous family event!

There were so many highlights to be enjoyed on the day – the festive atmosphere; the excellent (if it at times overwhelming) music and the speakers, Chris McEleny and Keith Brown. However to me, the really evocative statement made at the rally was made by the kettle drummer in the fine AOUB pipe band – the beat this diminutive lady struck was the epitome of our independence movement – crisp, clean, inspirational, brimming with the unequivocal optimism of our cause! She was the star of the show in my opinion!

Eric McArthur
via email

I ATTENDED Saturday’s AOUB march with some of my family. We arrived at Kelvingrove at 1.15 pm and reached Glasgow Green at 4.30pm. The march stopped frequently during this time.

Could I suggest that for future marches of this magnitude, a system is adopted that when one part of the column is stopped, junction marshals (and police) behind the stoppage are informed and those junctions are cleared, even just for a minute or two to allow vehicles and pedestrians to cross. thereby reducing any frustrations of those caught by the march?

As we travelled into Glasgow by train, I did not see the motorway signs, but I presume they warned of the town centre congestion.

RW Millar

AND so the ex-minister for defence didn’t break the law. I wonder if Joe Bloggs had leaked information in these circumstances how long the jail sentence would be.

So Private Pike, a piece of advice: a few days or weeks on the back benches, keep quiet and don’t invade Africa and she who you made but couldn’t break will find you a nice little berth. Remember the political establishment of the Disunited Kingdom does nothing better than invent slots for its rejects. So possibly a directorship of the new created International Department of Creepy Crawlies with suitable remuneration and a peerage of course. Say nothing. Don’t tell them your name, Pike.

Murray Forbes