IF I were Kezia Dugdale I would keep VERY, VERY QUIET about the result of recent case brought against her by Wings Over Scotland blogger Stuart Campbell (Wings loses court case against Dugdale, April 18). 

She wrote in her column in the Daily Record that Campbell “spouts hatred and homophobia towards others” in his blog. The claim of homophobia was dismissed by the judge. In fact the judge very specifically upheld a number of Campbell’s points, yet somehow chose to let Dugdale off the hook. 

If I were Kezia Dugdale I would not want anyone asking too many probing questions about the case, but there again, with the BBC and what passes for the Scottish press fawning all over her, I don’t suppose that will happen any time soon. 

Perish the thought that a serious journalist put her under the spotlight, however!

Alastair Naughton