I SEE the Secretary in a State for Scotland, David Mundell, has threatened to resign yet again.


There have been Scottish Secretaries whose threats would have been taken seriously even by powerful Prime Ministers. Winston Churchill was in no doubt that Tom Johnston’s resignation was already written and actually in the top drawer of his desk. The wily Harold Wilson would have listened if Willie Ross – “Auld Basso Profundo” – had growled his dissatisfaction. However, more squeaking from “fluffy” Mundell – do me a favour.

This time his name is appended to a group of Tory MPs who are hopeful their hapless PM will extend Article 50 to allow more time to sort out their party’s inadequate handling of the Brexit bourach and avoid the disastrous consequences of a no deal.

Mundell knows it’s going to be catastrophic for Scotland and he wants to delay this reality for as long as possible even if he will never admit that in public. And if Theresa May doesn’t comply?

Well this bold gang might just scream and scream until they are sick! Alternatively Mundell, Amber Rudd, Greg Clark and David Gauke could walk in protest (perhaps over to the new Independent Group headquarters?)

Don’t hold your breath. Mundell likes to make a fuss but as we know from previous threats, he’s all talk and no action, a’ hat, nae cattle. Even a feeble PM like Theresa May knows her lapdog.

Mundell, who is hosting a reception in the capital city tomorrow night to celebrate the invaluable work of LGBT campaigners and organisations, has talked openly about how difficult it was for him to come out and how much more work we have to do to build “an inclusive and accepting society” in terms of rights for LGBT communities.

While I applaud his bravery over coming out at a difficult stage in his life and his support for the amazing and important work these groups do, I resent his attempts to gloss over his own and his party’s dependency and complicity with the anti-gay DUP. Perhaps Mundell should have have plucked up the courage to call out his PM’s decision to bolster her power with those opposed to equality for the LGBT community.

In sharp contrast to our modern day “toom tabard”, a wonderful brave band of politically-minded Dads have banded together and called themselves “Led By Donkeys”. In an attempt to hold the Brexit buccaneers such as Farage, Johnson and Gove to account for their outrageous statements on exiting the EU, these disgruntled Remainers have arranged for billboards to be put up across the country with classic quotes from the career-politicians’repertoire of deceit.

And there is plenty to choose from. Quotes such as “there’s no plan for no deal, because we’re going to get a great deal”, thanks Boris; “In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way”, the sleekit Farage strikes again; and finally, Michael Gove, “the day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want”. Genius.

As one of the founding members of Led By Donkeys said recently, “we were angry that Brexiteers promised the earth and got away with it”. With a never-ending selection of falsehoods to choose from the mouths of these contemptable charlatans, the opportunity for more billboards continues.

In Scotland, we need our own twist on this successful campaign. We’d have plenty of quotes to choose from to highlight the hypocrisy of our Westminster Lords and Masters in their derisive attitude to the Scottish people, the lies they have told in relation to our future and their political decisions, plus, their lack of respect for our democratic choices.

Perhaps we could do a billboard with a quote from Michael Gove on promises made to the Scottish fishing industry post Brexit? Or, closer to home of course is Ruth Davidson, with an absolute plethora of flip-floppy quotes from her days as a deep Remainer, to her metamorphosis as a born again Brexiteer. She’s also another one who has a reputation for threatening to resign but with no action forthcoming. All of which brings us back to her buddy, Mundell, and his classic admission during the Sewel Convention statement last June that, “Scotland is not in partnership with the United Kingdom, it is part of the United Kingdom”.

This single admission blasted the already suspect partnership of equals theory out of the water. But best of all would be to recall all the promises made and now spectacularly broken by the Better Together brigade during the 2014 Referendum. It wouldn’t hurt the Scottish public to be reminded on a regular basis of the chapter and verse of the pledges and vows that have come to the grand total of nought – perhaps the Daily Record could devote a weekly column to them, focusing on the reality not the mythology.

People need to know how much they’ve been let down and told falsehoods by the harbingers of Brexititis and the UK Government abetted by their lackeys in Holyrood. And people need to make informed decisions. These are direct quotes that these politicians actually said, and this they cannot deny.

The Led By Donkeys campaign is clever because, although it also uses social media, nothing can beat reading a lie in black and white on a large billboard. This method reaches out much further than the social media bubble we all float around in, reading our own agenda over and over again; it reaches out to pedestrians, car drivers, cyclists, shop keepers and bus drivers regardless of their political affiliation because it is out in a public arena.

And they certainly make waiting in a traffic jam a much more entertaining prospect!

In Scotland there will never be a better moment for conversion and for Scotland never a better time for action.