MSP Mark McDonald has insisted he’s no “sex pest”, saying he’s desperate to return to Holyrood to prove himself to colleagues and constituents.

In an interview with Holyrood magazine published yesterday, McDonald said he didn’t need to stand down from his £62,149-a-year job – as has been fully rehabilitated.

“I don’t dispute that I have behaved in a way that fell below the professional standards that should be expected of me but if we are to say that people cannot make a mistake and then rehabilitate and return, what message are we sending out more widely?” he told the magazine. “What are we saying about the concept of rehabilitation? Are we saying it’s impossible?”

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However, with a number of alleged victims coming forward to tell their story over the weekend, the former minister for childcare and early years may face a challenge to convince fellow parliamentarians he is a changed man.

The Aberdeen Donside MSP, who resigned from the SNP last week has resisted calls to quit the Parliament, and is expected back in Holyrood tomorrow after four months away.

He can expect a frosty reception from colleagues, though many MSPs might not even see him, with bosses at Holyrood reportedly moving his office into the building’s basement.

One of his victims, who works at the Scottish Parliament for SNP MSP James Dornan said the abuse left her hospitalised.

The unnamed woman told a Sunday newspaper: “I feel that his constant media spin, attempts to gain sympathy and retaining his salary have pushed me to the point where I now want to make my side public.

“I have to make it clear that his behaviour was beyond the pale and had a devastating impact. This was more than a few improper texts but a catalogue of attempts to abuse his position of power. Mr McDonald claims to be sorry but I see his attempt to return to his place of work as a blatant affront to that apology.”

Dornan told the paper: “I saw my member of staff end up in hospital and off work for six months because of the pressure of having to deal with his behaviour and the aftermath.”

Details of the SNP’s investigation into the complaints were leaked to press over the weekend.

Though McDonald told the magazine he had done nothing “physically abusive in nature” reports suggest the SNP were investigating a complaint from a woman who said the MSP had repeatedly squeezed her bottom, despite being warned off, and that when dancing he had appeared to stumble and squeezed her chest, and had attempted to kiss her on the lips. McDonald has denied the accusation.

Asked by Holyrood if anyone should consider him to be a sex pest. He replied: “I hope not.”

McDonald added: “I want to come back and demonstrate yes to colleagues, yes to constituents, but also to my kids that this wasn’t all that I was, that this wasn’t the sum of me, because otherwise this will be their truth.”