A SCOTTISH Labour MP told a party member who made a joke about Jeremy Corbyn to quit the party.

Midlothian MP Danielle Rowley took to Twitter to tell well-known Labour activist and blogger Duncan Hothersall that he was “very welcome to leave” after he compared the party chief to a cult leader.

Hothersall, who edits the Labour Hame website was in the conference hall ahead of Corbyn’s big speech.

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As the party played out a video before the veteran left-winger came on stage, he tweeted: “Bloody hell that’s quite some bass line on the JC cult leader video. Sorry, I mean the inspirational introduction. #scotlab18”

Rowley, a staunch Corbynista, replied: “Not a cult – you’re very welcome to leave.”

Hothersall then pointed out that “suggesting on social media that members should leave the party because of the views they express is a disciplinary matter under Labour’s anti-harassment rules”.

Rowley replied: “Look up the word ‘welcome’.”

Tensions are high at this year’s spring conference in Dundee. Party bosses have already blocked a bid by members to discuss staying in the single market.

Delegates will now see Brexit, the biggest political issue of the day, reduced to a single hour-long debate early on Sunday morning, with the party faithful merely asked to back a “jobs first Brexit”.

That followed a furious row at the Scottish Executive Committee, the party’s governing body, on Thursday night.

Former leader Kezia Dugdale and a number of constituency parties had tried to give members the opportunity to vote on a motion to tie Labour to remaining in the single market.

In a interview with BBC Scotland Leonard said the jobs first Brexit proposal put forward by the SEC was a “unifying position” .

He insisted delegates would still have a choice.