JEREMY Corbyn and Richard Leonard have been accused of double standards about how the party disciplines misbehaving politicians following their failure to reprimand a Corbyn-supporting MP after he used racist and homophobic language.

A Labour source told the National it seemed there was “one rule for Corbynistas” and another rule for everyone else under the party’s curent regime. The insider pointed out that former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale was given a written warning after she took an unauthorised leave of absence to take part in the reality TV show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here while Gaffney “got off with a slap on the wrist”.

“There’s a lot of anger around the fact Hugh simply just got sent on diversity training. It seems what he did is being brushed under the carpet,” the National was told.

“Kezia was away for three weeks and got a written warning. Hugh Gaffney has not had a written warning. It seems to be if you are close to Corbyn you can get away with things.”

The source added: “Jeremy campaigned for Hugh, he’s been back in his constituency since. They are very much both of the left, backed by the unions. Hugh would certainly call himself a Corbynista.”

The row over the apparently lenient way in which Gaffney was dealt with following comments made by Leonard’s rival in last year’s leadership race Anas Sarwar who pointed out “diversity and equality training” was not a punishment.

Last week the Glasgow MSP and party’s health spokesman spoke of his own experiences of alleged Islamophobia in the party as he launched an anti-racist campaign.

“Let’s be clear about one thing: diversity and equality training isn’t a punishment. It should be compulsory for anybody who holds office or seeks to stand. No place for sexism, homophobia, racism, anti-semitism or Islamophobia,” Sarwar tweeted yesterday.

Gaffney was urged to step down on Wednesday by the Scottish Government’s transport minister after news broke over his use of the words “bent” and “chinky” – offensive terms used to mock he LGBT and Chinese communities.

Humza Yousaf called for Gaffney to consider his position.

He tweeted: “How must Anas and others in the party feel? A week after Anas bravely spoke out about the racism within his own party this buffoon makes more racist remarks.”

He went on to highlight the offensive term Gaffney used, and questioned whether diversity training would “cut it”. Yousaf added: “Add to that the slur to the LGBTI community. Hugh made these comments to a room of 200ppl! That’s how comfortable some are with racism/homophobia. I don’t know Hugh but with language like that I think he should seriously reflect on whether he should continue as an MP or not.”

Gaffney has admitted using “deeply offensive” language during a Burns Supper speech at the weekend and has since apologised and agreed to go equality and diversity training.

He made the remarks at an event in Edinburgh on Saturday. In an attempt at humour, the ex postal worker referred to Burns loving women: “He started of being a farmer/But he really was such a charmer/Going for ales he frequent/Telling the lads and lassies he was not bent.” Last night a Labour Party spokesman insisted Gaffney had been reprimanded. He said: “Hugh Gaffney MP has been reprimanded for using inappropriate and offensive language. He has apologised unreservedly and referred himself for equality and diversity training. The Labour Party is clear that this language is unacceptable.”