SNP MPs have continued to outdo Labour and Tory MPs by taking part in more debates at Westminster than either party, according to new parliamentary figures highlighted by the party as Theresa May was given the green light to call a general election.

The new data revealed that SNP MPs each contributed to an average of eight debates in March while Labour and Tory MPs contributed to just five each.

In 2015 to 2016, SNP MPs spoke in an average of 61 debates – almost double the number of their Labour predecessors, who spoke in an average of just 27 debates in 2014-15.

Patrick Grady MP said: “SNP MPs have easily been the most active group of MPs at Westminster, just as Theresa May makes a spectacular U-turn and takes us into an election putting the interests of her party ahead of those of the country.

“Whether it is making sure Scotland’s voice is heard on Brexit as the UK government takes us out of the European Union or standing up for the most vulnerable in society- our MPs are clearly working harder than Labour and the Tories to represent our constituents, and are consistently taking part in more debates than other party members. “We know that SNP MPs work harder and cost less than our Scottish Labour predecessors, and this is yet another indicator of how hard SNP MPs are working.”