PRO-INDEPENDENCE website Wings Over Scotland has smashed its latest fundraising target, raising more than three times that figure in a month.

A total of £140,047 has been donated to the site since its latest drive began on March 1, exceeding last year’s total by £53,000.

Stuart Campbell, who edits and maintains the site, said he has been amazed by the scale of the support and would use the extra money to print more copies of his Wee Blue Book, which aims to counter Unionist perspectives in the mainstream media.

He said: “I’m absolutely gobsmacked at the response. After last year, which was lower than the previous two, I thought it’d probably slip a little bit again, but to instead not only top it but clear it by more than £50,000 is just astonishing. Our readers are phenomenal.”

Asked how the extra income would be spent, Campbell said: “We probably won’t do anything different – the main purpose of our fundraising, other than running the site and the occasional opinion poll, is generating cash to reach out beyond the online echo chamber by printing the Wee Blue Book.

“Now we can just print lots more of them.”