The National have been looking at the potential fallout that Scotland could face in the event of a hard Brexit: the act of leaving the European Union without maintaining Scotland's place in the single market.

Our work has covered topics from the impact on Scotland agricultural industry to the impact on our security in the event of leaving EU crime agencies.

These are the collected articles, published and updated throughout the week.

The National:

The Security Threat Of Leaving EU Crime Agencies: Most people will probably not recognise the names, but Europol and Eurojust are major players in keeping people in these islands safe from terrorism and criminality. So what happens if we leave?

Let's Not Join In The Fantasy Of Returning To An Imperial Past: The prospect of being dragged out of the European Union against our will poses a key question for all of us fortunate enough to live in Scotland: what kind of country do we want this nation to be?

The Repeal Bill Will See The Gloves Come Off: After a lot of “shadow boxing” the real crunch for Scotland during the Brexit process may come with a “constitutional bust-up” over the Great Repeal Bill, according to Scotland’s constitutional Brexperts.

The National:

Farmers May Be Destroyed By Brexit Threats: A hard Brexit will damage Scotland’s farming industry through imports of unregulated food, the loss of vital European markets and the reduction of cash support for farmers.

Scotland Needs A New Citizen's Agricultural Policy: No matter what happens after a hard Brexit, future financial support for Scottish farming is now a matter for public debate.

Fishing Industry Bucks Trend And Prepares For "Sea Of Opportunity": The purpose of this series is to show what a hard Brexit could do to Scotland, so it seems only right to highlight one industry which is eagerly anticipating withdrawal from the single market and European Union because its employers and workers think they are being given a “sea of opportunities”.

The National:

Leaving The EU Without A Trade Deal Is Not An Option: George Osborne has said that leaving the EU without a trade deal would amount to the “biggest single act of protectionism” in UK history and mocked the idea of pro-Leave campaigners that new trade deals with other countries could compensate for not having good, tariff-free access to the EU.

Workers Rights May Be Safe In the Short Term But "Will Be At Risk" The Day After Brexit: In all the brouhaha over hard Brexit and the effects it will have on the economy and business, one rather important group of people tends to be overlooked – the workers.

Architects And Engineers Fear Being Locked Out Of EU Procurement Process: Scotland's architects, designers, engineers and other professionals who currently ply their trade across Europe will face a devastating loss after a hard Brexit, unless the UK Government can do a deal to preserve their access to the Official Journal of the European Union and the European Single Procurement Directive systems.

The National:

Brexit Could Put Our Health Service Onto The Critical List: Former Prime Minister John Major this week hit out with his view that a hard Brexit would bring a low wage economy for Britain, which would adversely affect tax income for the Treasury and worsen austerity - impacting the NHS.

Loss Of EU Funding Could Have A Devastating Effect On Local Government: Cosla and its member councils really have a lot to say about the effects – whether it is a hard or soft Brexit – leaving the EU will have on local authorities.

What Should The Priorities Of Trade Unions Be In A Hard Brexit? Should a hard Brexit mean the forced repatriation of tens of thousands of EU nationals who shore up our NHS, councils and other public services, trade unions like Unison are hardly likely to stand by and let it happen.

The National:

Scotland's Higher Education Institutions Will Continue To Make Case For EU Collaboration: Though a hard Brexit will make life difficult for them, Scotland’s 19 universities and higher education establishments will continue to make a positive case for cooperation and collaboration with EU institutions.

Brexit Has Put A ‘Black Cloud’ Over The Future Of Research Funding: Just at a time when Scottish research and development is more successful at attracting European Union investment than ever before, along comes the threat of a hard Brexit to possibly cause a huge setback in a sector where Scotland is a world leader.

Brexit Threat To Student Exchange Programme: If you are a student wanting to go to the EU to study or a European student wanting to study here, there is most certainly a threat from a hard Brexit.

The National:

Will A Hard Brexit Allow Us To Preserve Our Welcoming Culture? Some 21 per cent of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s musicians and staff are from the EU – in a hard Brexit would anyone from the EU working in the cultural sector be allowed to stay or even visit?

Football Faces Exodus Of Its European Talent If UK Plays Hard With Migrants: If a hard Brexit had been in operation last summer, Dembele would not be playing in Scotland

The National:

You’ve Listened To Our Brexperts ... Now You Know What We’re In For: We are sleepwalking into a nightmare, one that is called a hard Brexit.