JUST when it seemed the season of political madness had reached its peak, it has been confirmed that Tony Blair is looking for a new London headquarters for an organisation determined to influence Britain’s Brexit policy.

Just four months after the former Prime Minister suffered near-universal condemnation following the Chilcot Report savaging him for the Iraq War, and nine years after he left Downing Street and the Commons, Blair is looking for a way back into Westminster politics.

And to make matters more surreal he is bringing with him the Labour Party’s former leader in Scotland, Jim Murphy. Some sources go further and suggest former Chancellor George Osborne may also be involved and that Blair will meet Theresa May soon.

A Sunday newspaper yesterday claimed Blair had “held talks” with Osborne on Brexit. It also quoted a source saying that Blair thinks Prime Minister May is “a total lightweight” and Jeremy Corbyn is “a nutter” .

Those last claims were strongly rejected by Blair’s office when contacted by The National yesterday.

A spokesman vehemently denied that Edinburgh-born, Fettes-educated Blair had ever described the Prime Minister as a ‘’lightweight’’ or used the term ‘’nutter’’ to describe anyone.

The spokesman added: “The paper did not put these descriptions to us yesterday so we were not given the opportunity to say in advance that this was complete and utter nonsense.’’ There was no outright denial, however, that Blair sees himself having a role in Brexit. His office confirmed he wanted to be involved in the Brexit debate and that he was looking for an office to bring all his staff under one roof. The office will be in London but not in Westminster.

Blair’s spokesman told The National: “You will be aware that he has previously said he wants to be involved in the debate given the importance of the Brexit terms to the future of the country.

“On the new organisation, in September he announced his intention to focus on his not-for-profit work, so as to take the work of the organisations he is involved with to a new level.’’ Last month the controversial former Labour Prime Minister called for a second EU referendum, urging Remainers to become “insurgents” and work to avoid a full withdrawal from Europe.

Blair said: “If you want to retain that access to the single market there will be various obligations that are imposed upon you, in relation to the free movement of people, to legal obligations … you are going to have to work out at that point, ‘are the freedoms that we’re going to enjoy… really so substantial that we want to leave the European Union?”

It has also been confirmed that Blair has taken on failed former Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy for his organisation on a salary said to be in six figures, although his office denied it was the £200,000 reported yesterday.

Yesterday’s reports also said Blair believes there’s “a massive hole in British politics that he can fill” and that “the Tories are screwing up Brexit.”

A Sunday newspaper also said that Blair would meet May soon and that her aides believed Blair and Osborne were part of “an unholy alliance” of former ministers out to disrupt Brexit.

Last night Downing Street dismissed the “unholy alliance” reference, saying they “did not recognise the comments”, while a source said they were not indicative of their views.

Osborne’s involvement was significantly played down yesterday by Blair’s office, which said: “Mr Blair has not had 'regular' discussions with George Osborne regarding Brexit, though he has discussed it with him as he has with many people.

“He does discuss the Middle East and aid with government ministers because he is still very active in the Middle East and Africa with his not-for -rofit work. He hasn’t discussed Brexit with government ministers.’’ The spokesman said Blair would “make a proper announcement around all of this in the New Year”.

Blair’s reported involvement was welcomed by at least one MP yesterday ... because he thought it would boost the hard Brexit argument.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “If Tony Blair thinks he is going to make a comeback, he must have completely lost touch with public opinion. Perhaps he is still clinging onto his dream of one day being president of Europe.

“He needs to accept the will of the British people as shown in the referendum last June. They voted to leave the EU with a much bigger vote than Tony Blair ever achieved.”

It seems to have been Tony Blair’s weekend for denials, after he was forced to clarify that he was just meeting an old friend, Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, in New York and was not seeking a post with the Trump administration.

On social media most comments referred in less than glowing terms to Blair’s involvement in the Iraq War.