THEY may make a lot of noise at pro-independence events, but the leading figure in the Yesbikers group is a former indyref No voter.

Chris Graham, a 19-year-old student and carer, has taken over the reins from Creag Thomas, who set up the group before the referendum.

“It was set up as a group to organise runs and outings to show support for independence,” said Graham.

“In light of the referendum result, people like myself, who are former No voters, were also included into the group.

“I think the fact that I’m now the group leader speaks volumes and the tide is turning. I was a No voter at the time of the referendum.

“I come from a staunch Labour background and now I’m looking after one of the biggest groups of its type in the independence campaign. The tide is definitely turning.

“Basically, we’ll try to attend any and all pro-independence events and make a bit of noise. There can be anything from 50 to a couple of hundred riders turn up at the events, depending on the weather. We have a good following.”

The group operates through Facebook and has more than 5,000 followers. Around 200 riders attended the independence rally in Glasgow at the end of last month.

“We have all ages and backgrounds,” added Graham.

“Men, women and pillion passengers from the age they’re allowed to ride – right up through all ages. We have everyone.

“We’ll carry on attending events and putting up images and facts, interacting with people until Scotland achieves independence.”

As well as pro-independence meets, Yesbikers are also heavily involved in working with Scotland’s food banks and anti-bullying groups.

Graham added: “Although our Facebook page is a pro-independence page, everybody who’s involved very much supports the broader aims and we’re all aware of the bigger picture.”