ON SATURDAY the streets of Glasgow were filled with independence supporters from across Scotland. They had joined together to march in support of a second referendum on independence for Scotland. The march was organised by the group "All Under One Banner".

Here are our top 9 photos from the day.

1. West George Street in Glasgow was stowed out with supporters, filling the entire street from top to bottom as over 3000 people marched in support of indy.

2. Two Scottish passports are held aloft during the rally in George Square after the march.

3. The march was filled with EU flags, as Scotland faces being taken out of the EU despite voting overwhelmingly to remain.

4. What was a little rain to these independence supporters?

5. Ok, it was a lot of rain...

6. There were plenty of Dugs for Indy along the route.

7. The leaders of the march make their way along Great Western Road, heading to the centre of Glasgow from the starting point in the West End.

8. Post-brexit Briatin.

9. Scottish Anonymous also showed up.

With such a strong show of support on the streets of Glasgow we expect to see further events organised in the run up to the next referendum, which is said will be held before the UK exits the European Union.