NICOLA Sturgeon has said that an independent Scotland in a UK that has left the European Union would use the pound, writes Andrew Learmonth.

The First Minister was in London taking part in a Buzzfeed “town-hall” debate where answered questions from an invited audience.

One audience member asked her if an independent Scotland would look to join the Euro as well as the EU after a Brexit, Sturgeon replied: “The pound is Scotland’s currency as much as it is England’s currency. That’s the currency I think all parts of the UK should use and it’s the one I’d want Scotland to use.

“Scotland uses the pound. It’s our currency just as it is your currency, and that’s the currency I think we should continue to use.”

When one asked why the English should listen to “whingeing gnats”, she said this was far too important to let personal feelings about her or the SNP get in the way: “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Don’t base your decision about the future on a gripe or a grievance you might have about Scotland or the SNP or me or anybody else.

“Do what you think in your heart is right for the UK.”

Asked by one to describe herself as a unionist when it came to the EU, the First Minister would only say that she was a Europhile.

One of the hosts asked if she would be supporting England in Euro 2016, to laughter the First Minister said she hoped all the home nations would do well, and would support England in their match against Russia, to be played tonight.