PRINCE Charles was criticised yesterday for his role in the Saudi-UK arms trade over a deal struck in 2014.

Calling for a ban on exports to the country, MP Margaret Ferrier said Princess Diana would have campaigned against its bombing raids on Yemen, which allegedly involve the use of banned cluster munitions, and claimed Charles was part of a “great effort” to maintain the market.

The comments related to a multi-billion pound contract for the supply of Typhoon jets from UK firm BAE Systems. The SNP MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West said: “People will recall the fantastic work of Princess Diana in raising awareness of land mines, leading to the success of the Ottawa mine ban treaty. Putting herself in danger in the process, she left behind a lasting legacy through her bold activism.

“If she were still here today, I have no doubt she would be a fierce advocate for the civilians suffering in the growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

“In stark contrast, the UK goes to great lengths to ensure the arms trade with Saudi Arabia continues unhampered.

“In 2014, when the Prime Minister could not convince the Saudis to agree to the financing of a multibillion-pound defence deal, Prince Charles was despatched to the Middle East to a festival supported by BAE Systems to perform a sword dance wearing traditional Saudi attire.

“The next day, Saudi Arabia and BAE announced the deal had been finalised. Great effort is put into maintaining our relationship and arms trade with Saudi Arabia.”