Yesterday saw a constitutional first in the UK, after Scottish MPs were barred from voting on aspects of the government’s Housing and Planning Bill under the controversial new English Votes for English Laws (Evel) rule.

The SNP’s Pete Wishart warned that change to rules would lead to Scotland being driven “out the door” of the UK.

“This is a remarkable day,” Wishart sad, “It is worth noting how significant and historic this is. For the first time in the history of this House and this Parliament, Members of Parliament will be banned from participating in Divisions of this House, based on nationality and the geographic location of their constituencies.”

“Nothing has infuriated the Scottish people more than the measures on English votes for English laws,” Wishart continued: "Introducing the grand committee Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said the new rules were “right for our country and its constitution.”

Despite opposition from the SNP and Labour Evel was passed last year. The changes to the Commons’ standing orders mean that every MP still, ultimately, has a vote on every bill, but Scottish MPs are barred from voting on provisions that the Speakers believes only apply to England.

Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said Wishart had “got it fundamentally wrong.”

Rees-Mogg continued: “Two tiers of Members of Parliament have not been created by the mechanism that has been used. By using Standing Orders, which can be changed by all Members of Parliament, and by this being a Grand Committee—we see where the Mace is—and not the House sitting in full session, the rights of every individual Member remain intact. That is crucially important."

Wishart demurred: “I have to say that that is not what it feels like on this side of the House. If a Division is called, the hon. Gentleman will be able to vote and express his view as a legitimately elected Member of Parliament. My hon. Friends and I, as equally legitimate Members of Parliament recently elected at the general election, will not be allowed to vote. We will be banned. We will be barred. We will be effectively banished from that process.”

Speaking in the debate enthusiastic supporter of the change of rules John Redwood said the Scottish MPs should be “welcoming” Evel as it delivered “some justice for England”. “I hope that SNP Members will reconsider and understand that just as in a happy Union, where there are substantial devolved powers of self-government for Scotland that they have chosen to exercise through an independent Parliament, so there needs to be some independent right of voice, vote and judgment for the people of England, which we choose to do through the United Kingdom Parliament because we think we can do both jobs and do not wish to burden people with more expense and more bureaucracy.”