Scottish Labour have told Jeremy Corbyn not to mention the word "Scotland" for fear of "playing to the nationalist agenda".

According to our sister paper, The Herald, the Labour leader was advised by senior party insiders to refer to towns and cities rather than the country during his first trip north of the border.

One party source told the paper: “You don’t hear MPs talking about ‘England’, but rather,the places in England like Manchester and Birmingham. This should be the case with Scotland. By referring to Scotland instead of individual places, some of our people are playing to the nationalist agenda.”

The Islington MP visited Edinburgh and Glasgow yesterday. It was hist first time time in the cities since the leadership race. Corbyn met with Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale and trade union leaders. His visit was overshadowed by internal party arguments over Trident and tuition fees.

He did, however, try Irn Bru for the first time.

Corbyn has promised to come up to S******* once a month.

SNP Councillor Mhairi Hunter tweeted:"Gotta feel sorry for Corbyn. "Don't mention Scotland! Drink this! Just Drink. The. Irn. Bru. Try to look happy."