JEREMY Corbyn is expected to address thousands of supporters during a two-day tour of Scotland which starts today.

The frontrunner for the UK Labour leadership will arrive in Aberdeen this afternoon where he will speak at a question and answer session before heading to Dundee for an evening rally.

Tomorrow he will head to the Central Belt where he will address crowds at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in the afternoon, before heading to Glasgow for an evening rally at the Old Fruitmarket in Candleriggs.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay and journalist Owen Jones are also expected to speak at the event tomorrow evening. Last night Elaine Smith, the Labour MSP and Corbyn supporter, said she believed the politician could help revive support for Labour in Scotland if he was elected leader.

“I do think that Jeremy Corbyn, who is promoting policies which are traditional Labour policies such as re-nationalising rail and the energy industry and tackling poverty and austerity will help revive the party in Scotland,” she said.

“One of things that was damaging for us was the Red Tory tag, and that is something we will have to overcome. Jeremy is best placed to do that, but also well positioned to address the need for a far greater autonomous Scottish Labour party.”

Smith appealed to fellow MSPs and MPs at Westminster to “get behind” Corbyn, after his bid has been attacked by those on the right of the party.

Earlier this week Tony Blair’s ex spin doctor Alistair Campbell said Labour was heading towards a “car crash” if Corbyn was elected.

And Labour MP Simon Danzuk has warned a plot to oust Corbyn would be launched “on day one” if he became leader.

Danczuk said Labour’s parliamentary group would “not put up” with the “crazy left-wing policies” set out by Corbyn.

Asked by LBC if a plot to depose Corbyn would begin “on day one”, he said: “Yeah, if not before. As soon as the result comes out.”

He said: “Am I going to put up with some crazy left wing policies that he is putting forward and traipse through the voting lobby to support him? It’s not going to happen is it? So I would give him about twelve months if he does become leader.”

Senior Labour MPs have called for the election to be halted after it emerged that 1,200 members from other parties had had their applications to sign up for £3 as a party supporter weeded out. The status allows them to vote in the leadership contest.

Danczuk, who is among those calling for the election to be postponed, said: “Through poor planning,

Labour has handed its opponents the chance to undermine the party for the price of a Tesco meal deal.

“I believe this process should be halted, not because I oppose democracy, but because this contest has been a serious failure and risks causing lasting damage to the Labour Party.”

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