SCOTLAND should not be given more powers over welfare, taxes and spending, because of its history as a “relatively reactionary country”, according to Scottish Labour leadership hopeful Ken Macintosh.

The MSP warned more powers could be abused if reactionary government was to be elected. In an interview with pro-independence news site the Commonspace, Macintosh said that assuming policy coming from Holyrood would be more progressive than policy coming from Westminster was “dangerous”.

“It’s based on the assumption that if we devolve powers over anything, welfare, tax and spending that we will automatically take more progressive decisions. Now, that’s a dangerous assumption to make,” he said. Scotland, he added, “might get a reactionary government in 20 years time”.

Macintosh also claimed he was trying to offer the “same thing” as Jeremy Corbyn.

Giving his explanation for the success of Corbyn’s campaign, Macintosh said: “It’s integrity I think. A lot of the other candidates are being hampered by being seen to position themselves, whereas Jeremy is totally unencumbered by that. He’s already positioned.” He continued: “That’s where Jeremy offers something which I find attractive. I’ll be honest with you, I’m trying to offer the same thing.”

Although, Macintosh made it clear in the interview it was the integrity rather than policy he shared with the veteran left-winger.

“Left-wing isn’t necessarily progressive” he said. “Some left-wing things are more to do with class war.”

Voting for the Scottish party leadership closes on August 14 with the new leader will be announced on August 15.