A HECKLER at a Conservative party campaign event in London accused David Cameron and Boris Johnson of inciting racial hatred against the Scots.

As the Prime Minister warned the audience of the “chaos” of an Ed Miliband government supported by the SNP, the unidentified heckler shouted: “I’m feeling racism from you guys in your party.”

He continued: “Come on SNP. Is there going to be an ajockalypse? I’m from Scotland – the racism I’m getting because of these people and Boris. It’s not fair. Come on SNP.”

Security staff quickly moved in to throw the man out of the Squires Garden Centre in Twickenham. “This isn’t fairer,” the man shouted as he was being ejected. “This is democracy – I’m being pushed out.”

Mayor of London Boris Johnson had coined the phrase “ajockalypse” during an interview with the Sunday Times.

Johnson told the Sunday Times: “It’s Ajockalypse Now. People are looking at Ed Miliband and they’re getting bad visuals of him popping out of Alex Salmond’s sporran like a baffled baby kangaroo.

“Everybody loves the Scots. Nobody thinks this is going to be some tartan tyranny with everybody forced to wear kilts. But it would be a chaotic and tense arrangement.

“Labour and the SNP are like the two spent swimmers in the beginning of Macbeth. The sergeant says: ‘As two spent swimmers that do cling together. And choke their art.’ They’re locked in mortal combat and the risk is they’ll take us all down with them.”

At the event Cameron warned supporters that the SNP would hold “Labour and the country to ransom”.

He added: “I feel like the firefighter hosing down the burning building and there’s Ed Miliband the arsonist saying why aren’t you doing it quicker, that’s how I feel, that’s why we need five more years.”

As Gordon Brown and Jim Murphy did during their event in Glasgow, Cameron said that the Conservatives needed to target undecided voters.

Speaking after the event Cameron said: “Well, there’s only one poll that counts and that’s how people actually vote on Thursday, but what I sense is the momentum behind our campaign and our message because people can see in the end it is all about the economy and keeping the economy moving forward and that’s what we offer and that’s the argument we’re making in this closing stage.”

HE added: “Different polls come and go, we’ve had some with leads and some neck and neck, but it’s now, there’s no point talking predictions, there’s still time to shape the future though, with how people vote.

“Lots of people are undecided and it’s those that we need to convince in the closing hours.”

Later in the day Cameron claimed that Ed Miliband would have a “credibility problem” if he tried to form a government with SNP support.

Speaking to LBC radio the Prime Minister said: “I just think that there’s a massive credibility problem, with this idea that you can have a Labour government, backed by the SNP, only fighting for part of the country, I mean, the concerns of voters that I’m hearing about that are very, very strong.”

Tories receive £105k donation
THE Conservatives received a donation of £105,000 from a group called Focus on Scotland.
The figures released by the Electoral Commission yesterday show that the group gave the party the sum between April 27 and May 3.
Focus on Scotland has long been a big donor to the Conservative Party. Though £105k is a significant sum, it is considerably less than the group has donated in the past.
Set up by construction magnate, Sir Jack Harvie, the group has traditionally organised large fundraising dinners with raffles and auctions. In 2008, the group donated £530,000 to the party, the biggest sum of any sole group.
The Search The Money website suggests that the group has given at least £2 million to the party since 2005.
A spokesperson for Focus on Scotland confirmed that although Sir Jack had stepped down from being as active with the group he had recently been approached by two individuals who wanted to donate to the party. Sir Jack and others had given a small amount to Focus on Scotland’s total sum. 
The spokesperson also confirmed that the group had donated another £25,000 to the Conservatives on top of the £105,000 already declared.