ROBIN McAlpine, the director of Common Weal, the left-leaning, pro-independence think tank has been criticised for appearing on stage with Tommy Sheridan at Saturday’s Hope Over Fear rally.

Because the criticism has been “so strong”, the Common Weal will now discuss McAlpine’s appearance at their next board meeting.

The Common Weal were quick to stress that there is “no rift or conflict within the organisation”.

Since his imprisonment for perjury, Sheridan has become a divisive figure on the left and in the pro-independence movement. Neither Women for Independence or the Radical Independence Campaign took part in Saturday’s event. Both organisations have previously said that they would not share a platform with the former leader of the SSP.

An open letter to McAlpine from SSP member Scott McDonald wrote: “You doubtless already know Sheridan is a convicted perjurer, misogynist and abuser.

“His ridiculous, divisive, septic antics, throwing dozens of committed socialists and activists under the bus in an effort to cover up his sex life is a matter of public record.”

McDonald continues: “You can have Sheridan, or you can have a strong, somewhat-cohesive left. You cannot have both at the same time.”

McDonald also states that the steering group of the Common Weal Edinburgh North & Leith shared his opinion and wanted their objection noted by the Common Weal board.

In a blog post, McAlpine claimed that by refusing to engage with Hope Over Fear his critics were ignoring, “the only truly working class part of our wider movement”.

The event on Saturday in Glasgow’s George square was attended by thousands.