THE African National Congress (ANC) has scheduled an emergency meeting of its national executive committee to resolve the future of under-pressure president, Jacob Zuma.

Incumbent president, Zuma, and deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa, have been locked in talks for five days and the latest announcement may signal the end for the president.

The national executive committee meeting, scheduled for Monday, could result in Zuma being ordered to resign.

The president has spent almost a decade in power, much of which has been marred by financial uncertainty and allegations of corruption.

Ramaphosa, an anti-apartheid campaigner and businessman, defeated the president in December elections for the ANC’s leadership but the emergency meeting indicates that the transition process is not going as smoothly as was hoped.

Addressing crowds outside of Cape Town’s St George’s Cathedral, Ramaphosa announced that he wanted the situation to be resolved with “care and purpose”.

“We’d like to thank the congregation for their total support as we manage this transition, as we move ahead,” he told reporters.

The ANC took charge of South African politics in 1994 after the apartheid regime collapsed, but this latest episode is threatening party stability.