DOUGLAS Ross has been told off for "barking" and interrupting SNP MPs during a session of the Scottish Affairs Committee. 

In a session focusing on the committee inquiry into coronavirus and Scotland the Scottish Conservative leader, who is also an MP for Moray, can be heard speaking over SNP MP Deidre Brock - even after being asked to stop.

Brock was attempting to question the parliamentary under-secretary of state for Scotland Malcolm Offord.

Committee chair Pete Wishart was forced to make a Point of Order to ask Ross to let the MP ask her questions.

Wishart said: "I'm finding it really difficult to concentrate because Mr Ross is constantly and consistently barking into my ear.

"Could you please be quiet and let Ms Brock as her questions? And the minister will respond to them."

Brock resumed her questioning only to hear Ross talk again.

Brock stopped addressing Offord, turned to Ross and added: "Do you know, it really is very difficult to ask questions with you constantly interrupting Mr Ross."

Ross can be heard on the clip saying "I'm not speaking to Ms Brock" whilst she adds: "I didn't interrupt you. I was tempted. But I didn't interrupt you."