A NEW Scottish current affairs show led by Alex Salmond is to be launched later this week.

Billed as an “unremittingly positive exploration of the big issues facing Scotland”, each episode of Scotland Speaks will focus on a wide variety of topics.

This will include current affairs and economics as well as some history, sport and show business.

Salmond will host the show and it will be produced by his co-presenter Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.

The National:

It will be broadcast from Slàinte Media’s new studios in Glasgow.

Salmond said: “At an important time in Scotland’s story, both the Scottish and Westminster parliaments seem pre-occupied with navel-gazing and side issues. Scotland Speaks will address the themes which will chart the future.

“In particular, we need to lift the debate in Scotland onto the big challenges and opportunities facing the nation.

“This is an exciting new venture and I am looking forward to it enormously. I want to hear from people with something to say about the future of Scotland.

“We intend to point the way forward on the debates that really matter, and to let Scotland speak.”

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Ahmed-Sheikh added: “There is no shortage of issues just now and certainly no shortage of voices willing to make a positive contribution.

“Scotland Speaks will bring them together every Thursday at 9pm across all social media platforms.”